Is it an Invasion of Privacy if You Volunteer Information?

I am an on-air and hopefully a blog personality—two for the price of one. One role runs into the other for me. I have all kinds of things to talk about—music, stories from viewers, and matters of general interest. Today it is all about self defense and privacy. This isn’t just something that popped into my head for no reason at all; but it is because I heard read a Facebook post from one of my favorite DJs in which he recounted being repeatedly stalked by a crazy viewer. Eventually he had to resort to a stun gun when he came into the studio. I can’t imagine such a thing happening to me, but it has given me pause. I want to know more about these non-lethal weapons and whether I should buy one.

A stun gun is a serious weapon that renders a human being immobile while it inflicts pain and suffering. It works from fifteen feet away although the closer you are, the better your aim. It imparts a thirty second electric shock, giving you time to run away or call 911.

Who out there uses a stun gun for safety precaution? What prompted you to make the big decision? I know at least one person who does, but there must be a lot more. It is a serious issue for celebrities of all types from movie stars, models and athletes to DJs and political figures. Then there is the royal family in England that surely has stalkers. With social media all around, public figures often tell the world where they are going to be and reveal way too many details about themselves. It seems dangerous to me so as a radio person, I would not dream of endangering my favorite celebs by revealing vital, personal information like a home address or where they might be staying on vacation. I consider it an invasion of privacy although most people in the entertainment field, such as the press, do not. The paparazzies always find out. As a result, the figures on the sales of Tasers and stun guns are rising according to Self Defense Guide. We live in such a dangerous world. Many celebrities resort to bodyguards.

It is sad when top singers and musicians must turn to self defense—mostly from fans. It is not from muggers and thieves. It doesn’t matter where they go as someone is sure to follow. I want to use this blog to encourage my fellow DJs to stop spreading too much news. Just the one incidence I mentioned above should be enough to deter all this blabbing. There is no respect for secrets these days. We need fodder for the Internet. This is the sad news but the truth. While I enjoy reading about interesting people, I don’t want anything scary to happen to them because word got out. Remember poor Kim Kardashian in Paris. Now there’s a gal who needed a stun gun.