Festival Survival Gear

It’s outdoor concert time. We look forward to it all year long. There is great anticipation by the fans. Soon the tribes will assemble in various venues to enjoy a new spate of offerings. Summer brings with it an assortment of music festivals for general enjoyment. You look forward to them all spring long. You get the calendar and plan on “saving the dates” as long as work commitments permit attendance. Surely you can get some time off. The best bands go on summer tour and the fans come out to spur them on. People want to hear their old favorites and maybe encounter a new group or two to add to their list of favorites.

Summer concert time means a bit of rough camping. No creature comforts abound. You go with low expectations to experience the vibe. You take your camping gear, although lugging a lot of stuff is tedious. You and your friends share stuff to cut down on what needs to be toted. You are at the mercy of the elements and that could be a summer rain, mud, dirt, and poor quality bathroom facilities. You’ve heard of Woodstock. Imagine it on a much smaller scale. But there is great camaraderie to be found.

I remember summers past when I was bitten to death by mosquitos. The bites itch and drive you nuts. It is important to remember to take some mosquito repellent. I like the natural kind. You can buy it online and it usually contains herbs instead of chemicals. After all, you don’t want to spray or apply chemicals to your body or any area of the face, especially near the eyes. There are recipes online so you can make your own if you don’t fancy the prices they are asking for pre-made organic, do you no harm repellent.

If you want a really well-known brand that gets accolades, Burt’s Bees Herbal Insect Repellent is safe enough to apply with confidence to children and pets. It is made with natural ingredients including rosemary, lemongrass, citronella and other essential oils. You can always count on Burt’s for a quality product. Plus, it is easy to apply, helps repel bugs as well as those nasty mosquitos naturally, and has a refreshing herbal scent.

Speaking of herbs, the herbal scents you love can help to ward off the buzzing pests you hate.  It helps keep insects away, so you can enjoy the outdoors more. In our case, this would be the concerts al fresco during the hot summer months. The convenient spray bottle makes it easy to apply this 100% natural bug repellent.  Nature comes to the rescue, with Burt’s Bees. By the way, they make lip balm and hand lotion and you might want to take some of each of these products with you in your backpack. Whatever makes the outdoors more palatable is worth bringing along. So get out there with the fans, you culture vultures, and get exposure to some new and exciting sounds.