Losing Big

Culture vultures hang together. They share favorite bands and good times associated with them. They can’t stop talking shop. Recently, some fellow travelers, including some staff members from my radio show, and I decided to hang together for another important reason: mutual good health. We decided that a few of us could shed some recently packed on pounds and so we elected to stage a “Biggest Loser” style weight loss contest loosely modeled on the TV show. How hilarious we all thought. Would it be too embarrassing? Naw, we aren’t shy. It was to be a fun good-spirited way to prod us into getting on with our diets. A few of us have meant well but have been procrastinating a bit too long. So a contest was the way to go as most of us are competitive by nature. We would have a great prize. Some collector’s albums from my personal collection. Here’s how it would go: We were to have a group weigh in once a week for two months, and then declare a winner. Speaking of a weigh in, the chief component of this little mutual effort was the best bathroom scale we could find. We needed absolute accuracy to be sure who was losing big the fastest.

Someone had a new scale called My Weigh Elite—Silver. Sounded good. It has .2 pound readability with a capacity from 300 to over 500 pounds. It would do fine. No one weighs near that much. It would be easy to read the digital display. That was a key element. We needed accuracy and no cheating. No ordinary simple bath scale this one. It could show weight and muscle mass and everything in between. A real marvel. If only it would play old school alternative rock every time someone lost a pound. Then it would be worth its weight in silver.

Apart from doing a job of calibrating the contest, this baby is great to look at with its super sleek, elegant design. Neat looking all around. It has a thin glass platform that is only ¾ inch thick that is extra durable, necessary given its high pound capacity. Its sleekness is complemented with a bright blue, backlit weight display. This will make weigh in time fun.
There will be no mistakes thanks to the scale’s large weight display of one and a half inch digits and the aforementioned backlight. It also has a step and weigh feature so no one will have to bother bending down to switch the bath scale on…you just give it a quick tap it with your foot. The scale turn on and you can get to weighing. Pretty easy, huh?
In other words, no need to tap the scale to start this one! Just step on it & gives you the right weight the first time. The contest is on! With its super sensitivity, the scale will be our fair arbiter. Now shall we take bets on who will win?