Anything for the Listeners

Do you consider yourself a lucky sort of soul? The type that wins prizes or comes across a wad of cash on the sidewalk? What is luck anyway? Is luck having the job you have always wanted? Is luck having the skill to do well what you would like to excel at? I believe in luck or I would not have suggested a contest at the radio station. I wanted one of the listeners to feel super lucky. A contest implies that someone has the chance, against all odds, of getting some kind of personal gain just for entering or having one’s name selected at random. You don’t earn a prize. You don’t have to write anything or guess the right answer to a tricky question such as the name of an old alternative rock band from way back. You are rewarded with it for being lucky. In the contest I suggested, the winner would get a kitchen remodel, imagine that. Something worth over a thousand. Almost everyone has a kitchen and most aren’t updated, not even close.

All the listener had to do was call in when the time was right, and be the first to do so. We selected this remodel prize for a couple of reasons. First of all, while it didn’t relate to music, as you might expect, it was something most people would want to win. People would stay tuned to the station to hear the contest rules and how to go about being the lucky winner. If we had selected a free guitar, for example, you would have a half dozen people who play and didn’t already own one. The second reason was that we got a sponsor for the remodel so that it cost us nothing. We would simply promote the hell out of the contractor for donating the labor and the wonderful array of new appliances. There were to be the best kitchen faucets featured, the kind everyone wishes they had, but would never spend the money. They would be super elegant and sleek modern faucets that would turn any ordinary space into a room of culinary delight. Moen makes the most fabulous designs. No clunky proportions or handles, ever.

So we went about getting the contest launched and promoting the prize for a two-week promo period. We talked on air about the feel of your fingers on the long flexible faucet neck and the adjustable spray unit. How many words are there for polished chrome? How many words for delight? We had our listeners poised and ready to enter. The day for the call in was fast approaching. When the time came, we had the phones light up, but the winner would be the lucky person who dialed in first. Lucky indeed. It was a woman who said she lived in an older apartment building and boy could she use the remodel job. She liked to cook as a hobby and made it clear that she listened to the station during her preparations. She thanked us profusely and promised to put photos of her new kitchen on our website. Lucky gal, indeed!