Going “On the Road” for a While this Summer

On the Road

Ideally, one day I’ll be paid to travel around and see concerts but for now, it is all out of pocket. I am trying not to think about the cost. Right now I’m working as a cashier and I hate it but it was the only thing I could find that works with my (unpaid, unfortunately) shift at the school radio station and class schedule. Every time there’s an annoying customer, I add up the money I’m earning that shift in my head and remind myself—hey, that’s a half a ticket to see Kerfuffle down in MD this summer; that’s enough for gas to get me to Minneapolis to see Metallica.  Sometimes you just need to find the proper motivation. I plan on living out of my car for most of the summer and I am totally cool with that. For those of us who love music but can’t play an instrument, besides being a roadie, this is as close to on tour as we get. Oh man. I love concert season. Imagine one day getting all those tickets comped, backstage passes, hangin out with the band. Rolling into a Denny’s at 4 in the morning before we have to get back out on the road. Next day, wake up in a new city and start the process all over again. Like Christmas morning over and over, man, I’m tellin you.

This year I am thinking of doing some demo work, maybe work on band intros, descriptions of the concerts, and stuff like that. A band interview or two if I can swing it. I’ll make it a podcast or something. How awesome would that look when I apply for jobs at radio stations? I guess it depends on how good it comes out. I do have all summer to get it right at least.

So if you’re going to do a summer concert tour like I am, you really have to plan ahead. I’m going to be paying off my credit card probably through the end of the fall semester but some of these tickets you gotta get early or you’ll be paying scalpers out front before the show. No thanks. I checked the social media of all my favorite bands between winter and spring breaks and kept track of the major festivals and what their dates/locations were going to be. Once I got all that down, I planned a reasonably doable route—with an actual printed map and a highlighter, guys–to drive it all and purchased tickets for the stuff I was sure I could do. If I can swing more, I am going to try stubhub or vividseats to see if I can tickets to anything extra before I try scalping.

Luckily, I’ll have my phone and internet access while I’m out on the road, so I’ll be able to update this site. Since I know you’ll miss me, maybe I’ll schedule a few to post while I’m gone. I’m just thoughtful like that.